Best of the Best - Top Ten Travel Photos From Each Continent: Europe

With an abundance of natural wonders and a wide variety of architectural styles showcasing thousands of years of history, Europe is a photographer's dream and a Top 10 blogger's nightmare. Below are 10 of my favorite shots from around the continent with plenty more where they came from. Going from north to south the winners are...

1) Mountain Pass Over Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger, Norway


As the most beautiful country north of New Zealand, Norway's vistas are truly breathtaking, such as this isolated homestead perched above the gorgeous Geirangerfjord pictured in 2015.


2) Roadside Views, Western Norway

Roadside Views, Norway


As I went through my pictures from Norway, it soon became evident that the country alone deserves it's own Top 10 photos list, as even random roadside views, such as this one taken in 2015 between Oslo and Bergen can attest.


3) Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland, U.K.

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom


This geological playground in Northern Ireland, U.K. seen here in June of 2018 is a fascinating landscape to wander about in, with album-worthy shots in seemingly all directions.


4) Ballycarbery Castle, County Kerry, Ireland

Ballycarbery Castle, Ring of Kerry, Ireland


Just a short detour off the traditional Ring of Kerry route in southwestern Ireland, the crumbling ruins of Ballycarbery Castle rising out of a sea of green grass made for an excellent subject in June of 2018, and in my opinion well represents the haunting beauty & timeless history of the Emerald Isle.


5) Canals of Amsterdam, Holland

Canals of Amsterdam, Holland


Amsterdam's heritage as a wealthy trading port is on display in the quaint canals that form the heart of this stately yet modern city, as can be seen in this photo from July 2015.


6) Castle on the Rhine, Germany

Castle on the Rhine, Germany


Studded with castles, vineyards and charming villages lining its hillsides, Germany's Upper Rhine Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reason - and a great place for pictures as well. At least I thought so back in August of 2014.


7) Port of Ponza, Italy

Port of Ponza, Italy


I'm a bit partial to the Italian island of Ponza, having visited there numerous times, such as when I took this photo in July 2015. But even if I weren't, the boxy Mediterranean architecture and Old World feel remains intact on this authentic gem between Rome and Naples.


8) Praiano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Praiano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Just around the bend from more popular Positano, Praiano is a less-congested place to stay with its own charms. This Italian family enjoying the summer sun in July of 2015 is a quintessential scene in this stunning region of coastal beauty.


9) The Meteora, Kalambaka, Greece

The Meteora, Kalambaka, Greece

While many visitors skip ahead to the fabled Greek islands, those willing to venture a little further inland are treated to historic jewels such The Meteora: a range of jutting peaks rising out of the plains, many of which are topped with ancient monasteries built to bring its occupants that much closer to heaven, and make for a great addition to anyone's photo album, as mine was in April 2007.


10) Tomb, Sulemanye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Flower in front of Sulemanye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


Despite being chock full of exciting historical and architectural gems, the Golden Horn area of Western Istanbul - literally at the edge of Europe - has plenty of quiet corners where the old and the new, the natural and the man-made combine, such as this vibrant flower showcased against the gray backdrop of a cemetery back in April 2007.

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