Great Gift Ideas For the Traveler In Your Life - Even if That Traveler is You

During this difficult time, when traveling freely about the globe seems as far-fetched as traveling freely about the moon, it's both frustrating and therapeutic to think back on trips gone by. Sure, it's wonderful to reflect on the memories made, the experiences had, and if you're like me, the meals eaten. Yet at the same time, it's hard to avoid stoking the flames of wanderlust that are unfortunately just too far out of reach for the time being. But in my opinion, if I may take some creative license with a famous phrase, "it's better to have traveled, than to have never traveled at all."

Yes, even the best of trips must eventually come to an end, so a wise traveler recognizes that taking the trip is just one phase (arguably the most enjoyable one) of integrating the experience into the fabric of their life. The trickier one, is making those memories last.

In the past I've written about some effective ways of doing so, such as keeping a journal and making a photo book. Now, I'm going to speak about another option that provides fellow travel enthusiasts another way to preserve those travel memories - a customized piece of art.

In my ongoing love affair with all things travel, I'd like to share a few of the items I've found that can help you commemorate and preserve your precious travel memories. Each makes a great gift idea for the traveler in your life - even if that traveler is you!

Custom Departure Boards

sampledeptboard A personalized Departures Board brings your travel memories into your décor. The hard part is picking your top 13 destinations!

What's more iconic to travel than an old-fashioned departures board? With this product you can choose your thirteen favorite destinations - along with the year traveled -  and have them preserved on a personalized departures board canvas. It's sure to draw the admiration (or envy) of visitors to your home or office. In fact, I guarantee that even the act of picking your top 13 destinations will be a very enjoyable exercise. See more here.

Custom T-Shirts for the Savvy Traveler

hotelsample Celebrate your favorite trip of all time with a custom airport code tee.

We all have that one trip that sticks with us - the one that given the chance to go back in time, we'd do it all over again. With that feeling in mind, I recommend this custom airport code tee (including city names for the airportilogically uninformed  - and no, airportilogically is not a real word). All you have to do is choose your starting and ending destination airports and voila! You've got a commemorative t-shirt to celebrate that favorite trip. See more here.

Original T-Shirt Designs

cropped-face-mockup-of-a-woman-wearing-a-long-shirt-at-the-beach-3329-el1 (1) Show off your "stamp collection" with an original design tee


In another life, I worked in the art department of a silkscreen company, which on occasion forced me to bring great ugliness into the world, courtesy of a few design-challenged clients. From that point on began my love affair for original, artistic, t-shirt designs, conceived for the avid traveler. While I may never be able to fully redeem myself for the errors of my youth, I can definitely appreciate a good design when I see one - especially when my favorite pastime. See more here.

t-shirt-mockup Cop a traveler's attitude with a Departures Board Been There Done That tee.


See more here.

Witty Tees for Seniors

Let's face it - many who have the time and means to travel are those with a certain level of life experience. I'm not saying that they're old, just well-traveled. So with those "of a certain age" in mind, I've included a few witty tees for the senior traveler who is ready and willing to own both their age and their mileage.

momentssample Show off your "senior moments" with this collage of iconic, original design scenes of noteworthy sites around the world.

See more here.

wandersample2 Be proud to wander off with this witty tee featuring original "stamps" from around the world

See more here


Summing it up

The act of traveling is just one phase of the joy of travel. Keeping the memories alive with a bespoke travel gift allows you to preserve the wonder, contentment and fascination indefinitely. It's with this noble goal in mind that I share these select products that will showcase your travel experience for all to see, and hopefully make your trip of a lifetime, last for a lifetime.

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