About Us

Travel Artist Ben Pastore at Victoria Falls


Greetings, and welcome to Custom Travel Art!


My name is Ben Pastore and I'm the founder and lead artist here at CTA. I'm really happy that you've decided to visit, and would like to take this opportunity to share with you the motivation behind starting CTA and my pedigree for doing so. Perhaps you'll be able to see how this is every bit a labor of love as it is a business.

Despite doing an extensive bit of traveling with my family as a child, it wasn't until my early adult years that I became truly and completely smitten with the act of traveling. It's therefore no surprise that this coincided with my entry into the world of travel planning and writing, which I have done in some form or another for the past 20 years. To date, I have visited 76 countries/territories across all seven continents, and am always on the lookout for opportunities to add to that figure.


During my travels I always have two objectives: to experience as much as I can of a certain landscape or culture, and come home with a souvenir that artistically encapsulates the place I've visited. Through experience I learned that accomplishing the former is a bit easier than the latter.


One of my travel souvenir mainstays - and inspirations behind starting Custom Travel Art - is not just finding a souvenir t-shirt, but the right souvenir t-shirt. Ideally this is something that will first of all be comfortable, but also reflect the style or an image iconic to that location. Usually this entails going in and out of an endless number of shops that all seem to share the same few cheap and unimaginative designs, until I chance upon the one with an appreciation for quality to go along with the aesthetic. It's with those ideals in mind that I've designed the t-shirts I have on offer -  combining comfort and quality with artistic design to capture the essence of the theme.


Another factor in finding the right travel gift or souvenir is that it's hard to find an item that fully speaks to your own personal travel experience. I've sought to remedy this with several products that can be fully customized, from our airport code tees, to our departure boards, to our "senior moments" tee with a choice of original drawings. Having a travel gift that is personalized to the traveler in question is no doubt what makes Custom Travel Art uniquely positioned to be your go to source for gifts for people who travel.


Lastly, I realized long ago that those who love to travel are drawn to elements of the travel experience; the classic departure or arrivals boards, passport stamps, world maps and things of that sort. So I've set out to incorporate those same elements into my designs, so that even if the gift is not specific to a travel destination, the element itself makes it a great gift idea for the traveler in your life.


Now that you know a little more about me and my inspirations behind Custom Travel Art, I invite you to peruse our catalog or contact us for more information on creating a personalized gift for your favorite fan of traveling - even if that just happens to be you!